Grace House

The Grace House for Recovering Addicts is a faith-based ministry that focuses on the holistic
healing of the addicts that we serve. We understand that no one can, or, will fully recover unless
they make positive changes in their life. A few of these changes are: the people that we
associate with; the places that we find ourselves; and the things that we let into our world.
The staff of Grace House pride themselves on being a safe place with godly people that only
concern themselves with beneficial things. All residents will be required to attend all the
programs that are offered. The programs consist of, but are not limited to: Addiction Recovery
Ministry (ARM) on Friday; Sunday worship services, Spiritual Growth Class on Monday; and
Bible Study on Wednesday.

The service fees that you pay will afford you room and board, three meals a day (plus snacks),
and transportation to and from doctor appointments. If you have any questions, please feel free
to contact us at the numbers provided.
May God continue to bless us all,

Contact Information:
Grace Chapel: (843) 797-1014
Pastor Frank Romanelli: (631) 786-5674
Pastor Howard McGlamery: (843) 834-8771