I’m New Here

How long are the services?

Sunday School begins at 10:00 am and continues until 10:45 am.

Sunday Worship starts at 11:00 am and continues until 12:00 am.

Wednesday Worship starts at 7:00 pm and continues until 8:00 pm.

How should I dress?

Whatever you’re comfortable in. You’re welcome to join us in your Sunday best, or in blue jeans. There is no particular dress code, but we do ask for essential modesty. (If your mother doesn’t want to see you in it, we don’t either.)

What about my kids?

Grace Chapel of Ladson has an exciting Children’s Ministry where your kids will be taught the Bible in age-appropriate groups. Our goal is to make church on Sunday the best hour of your kid’s week. Please check out our Infants, Pre-school, and Elementary links for more information.

Do you have a social media page?

We have a Facebook page which is a good source of any last minute updates–not to mention it helps bring us closer together as a community in this ever-changing, digital world.  It can be found here.