Core Values

The “Core Values” listed below summarize the basic principles used to guide the Grace Chapel Family.  These principles help us to maintain our focus, measure success, and govern our behavior.  In essence these Core Values help ensure that we stay on course as we seek to fulfill our mission and vision. 

Values (Motives)

  • Fervent Prayer
    Realizing that apart from God we can do nothing.
  • Passionate Discovery
    We are believers passionate about discovering all that Christ and His Word offers and seizing opportunities to share Him with others.
  • Community Transformation
    We intentionally reach out to others by serving their needs and sharing the Gospel in relevant ways so that they can access the life of Christ.
  • Authentic Relationship
    We engage in loving, authentic relationship with God and others.
  • Compelling Environments
    We create compelling environments that are conducive for the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of people.
  • S2 Leadership
    We develop effective leaders who are “Spirit-led” and then “strategically focused.”