Saying Yes

When Jesus walked the earth, the two most powerful words he said were these: “Follow me.”

Again and again, Jesus invited people from all kinds of backgrounds to believe + follow Him, from the non-religious to the over-religious and everyone in between. The events of Jesus’ life would go on to change the course of human history forever: His birth, life, suffering, death, and resurrection.

Soon after Jesus’ resurrection, people in His day, including His closest friends and family and many others, realized that He had fulfilled ancient prophecies and promises that God would send a Savior, a “Messiah,” to take away the sins of the world and set his people free for everlasting life.

Not long before He died, Jesus instructed His followers to “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded.” In the face of intense persecution, His followers did exactly that, full of courage and confidence after personally witnessing Jesus risen from the grave. Over two thousand years later, billions upon billions of people from countless different cultures and backgrounds have found life, joy, peace, hope, and salvation by placing their faith and their trust in Jesus of Nazareth, the man they called “Son of God.”

The mission continues to this day, and the invitation from Jesus remains the same: “Follow me.”

If you are ready to connect with the One who loves you most and best, to turn over the guilt of every mistake and every regret to the One who can forgive you, to experience peace and joy and life that can never be taken away from you, then it all begins by simply saying “yes,” not to a religion, but to a relationship with the living God. If you want to learn more about getting started as a follower of Jesus, you may call us or send us an email.