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I realize that being part of a faith community is one way to encounter God’s transforming love and care.
I have a sense of belonging at Grace Chapel, this is a place I feel a connection to.
There are sufficient opportunities to connect to small groups, classes, studies, missions at Grace Chapel.
I introduce myself and reach out to those I don’t know during worship or at an Grace Chapel gathering.
I am willing to serve as a shepherd or guide to new members as a way to help them feel connected.
I invite those who don’t normally attend church, to join me in worship or at a community event.
I experience God’s abounding grace through the community of Grace Chapel.
I belong to a group which grows in faith together and challenges each other to grow deeper in Christ.
I invest in my relationship with others by praying for them.
I have learned to value the diversity of the people in God’s kingdom through relationships at Grace Chapel.