I Gotcha

PDF Download: 2018-11-18

Word Download: 2018-11-18

Philippians 1:3-11

Pastor Bobby Garvin

1. In my mind (Vs. 3)

Principle: Remember the best, forget the rest!

2. In my prayers ( Vs. 4-6, 9-11)

Spiritual devotion (Vs. 9a)

Spiritual discernment (Vs. 10a)

Spiritual development (Vs. 10b)

Spiritual deportment (Vs. 11)

Principle: Jesus starts where you are on life’s journey.

3. In my heart (7-9)

Principle: Be transparent and open up your heart to those who can be trusted.


1. Confidence brings joy when we fix our attention on people for which we are to be thankful.

2. Confidence brings joy when we pray for others.

3. Confidence brings joy when we love others unconditionally.