Lower the Bucket

Romans 10:8 – “…The word is nigh thee…that is, the word of faith, which we preach.”

An old story which you may have heard, tells about the passengers on a sailing ship who were dying of thirst. The vessel had blown off course, and the supply of drinking water was exhausted. When it seemed they could not survive any longer without refreshment, they saw on the horizon another ship. As soon as they were near enough, they signaled frantically, Water! Water! We need drinking water; we are dying of thirst! Then came back the amazing reply, “Lower your buckets where you are. You are sailing in fresh water!” Without realizing it, they had drifted into the current that flows from the mouth of the mighty Amazon. The refreshing river water extends far out of sight of land before it is mixed with the salty, undrinkable water of the ocean.

This teaches a great spiritual truth. Needy sinners, dying in their unbelief are within reach of the “water of life.” Paul says, “the word of life is near thee.” By faith in Jesus Christ – by taking the water of the Word – they can be saved (Rom. 10:9,13).

This analogy applies also to the believer. How many are thirsting for the peace, joy, and assurance of salvation because they neglect the “water of the Word”! Yes, “the Word is near thee,” and if you have appropriated and memorized many of its precious promises, it is “even in thy heart.” That day in which you do not drink freely of His Word and cling by faith to its truth will be a day of defeat, failure and thirst. “Lower the Bucket” – God’s supply is boundless!