There is No Turning Back

Luke 9:62 – “And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.”

This is our Lord’s instructions for “plowing a straight furrow” for God. Only as we go forward, looking unto Jesus and turning our backs upon the world, can we stand the tests that discipleship demands. The text does not refer to losing salvation, but to the loss of rewards. Backsliders are not fit for positions of trust in the kingdom. Faithful followers always give Jesus priority in all things. Dedication is for life – there can be no turning back! Such commitment demands sacrifice (Mt.8:19-22), separation (Luke 9:61) and cross bearing (Luke 14:27).

When F. B. Meyer was 17, he felt that the Lord was calling him into the ministry. The first one he told was his mother, who reminded him that making such a decision would involve much sacrifice and many difficult moments. But she also hinted that if he later regretted taking such a step he could always leave the ministry. Looking her straight in the eye the young man said, “Never, Mother, Never! That would be putting my hand to the plow and looking back.” By God’s grace, F.B. Meyer did not retreat from his high calling nor slow down in his pace to serve the Lord. As a result, he did a wonderful work for the Savior on the mission field.

As Christians, are we willing to “leave all” for the joy of serving the Lord? To plow a straight furrow for God, you must keep your eyes on Jesus and remember THERE IS NO TURNING BACK.