Is Jesus in the House?

Mark 2:1 – “And again he entered into Capernaum after some days; and it was noised that he (Jesus) was in the house.”

If Christ is the head of your home, it will soon be known throughout the neighborhood. The influence of a God-centered home and a daily family altar, where children are taught to hear and understand the Word, pray, and have fellowship with their parents and the Lord, is of such value that it is impossible to calculate its worth.

“Where did you absorb your fine principles?” asked an interviewer of the great industrialist?” “At my mother’s knee and across my father’s knee,” was his reply. This man had not only been taught the Word of God, but also with “lickin’s” and love he had grown to be a well-balanced successful individual full of wisdom and self-control.

“When I ministered in a penitentiary in Arkansas,” said a prison chaplain, “out of 1,700 convicts only one had been brought up where they had a family altar! Since then he has been found innocent of the crime with which he had been charged. It seems that in the old-fashioned Christian home there was an atmosphere which made it impossible for skepticism or atheism to thrive.”

We must ask ourselves, is our family life characterized by dissension, worldliness and disloyalty? Or can it be reported that Jesus is in the house?