Are We Seeking Christ?

Matthew 2:2 – “Saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.”

An ancient legend tells of a baby who was born to royalty in a small country of Europe. A day was set when important people from far and near assembled at the palace to celebrate the arrival of this heir to the throne. Dressed in all their elegant apparel, they were met at the door and assisted by servants. After all had gathered, someone asked, “Where is the baby?” A maid was sent to fetch him, but soon returned with the startling announcement that the child could not be found.

Finally, the nurse recalled that for a moment she had laid the infant on a bed in an upstairs room while she welcomed the guests as she had been instructed to do. A look of fear came on the face of one of the servants who then volunteered the information that when he had no more hooks on which to hang the visitors’ coats, he had quickly thrown them on the bed until he could find a better place to put them. In his hurry he had not noticed that the tiny baby was lying there wrapped in a blanket. Rushing upstairs, the parents were horrified and grief-stricken to find the lifeless form of their small son smothered beneath the coats. What irony! Instead of being honored, the young prince had been killed!

Christ also was born as an heir to a throne, but man’s sins and ignorant actions resulted in His death (Acts 3:15,17), He arose from the grave and ascended to Glory. Many do not seem to realize that they must now look beyond the empty manger and the garden tomb to the glorious throne in Paradise if they want to find Jesus. Only then can anyone truly fellowship with the Christ of Christmas.