Romans 12:10-11 – “Be…not slothful…[but] fervent in spirit, serving the Lord.”

Someone sent me an interesting item entitled “SIT-ITUS”. A leading life insurance company says, there is a deadly sickness from which many Americans are rapidly dying between the neck and the waistline. It deteriorates the heart, lungs, kidneys and liver, and results from sitting at home, riding in an automobile, or engaging in the laying around the house doing practically nothing.

We may also add that “SIT-ITUS” is doing its deadly work in the Church as well. Too many members are badly affected with this common disease. Those who suffer from it are always saying, “Let George do it” or “‘I’m too busy.” They come to Church just once on Sunday, sit in the pew, fold their hands reverently, and take it all in like a sponge. We thank God for the faithful “Georges” who never become discouraged, but faithfully continue to volunteer their services to the Lord and His Church. They are willing to take the “unruly class” that no one will take. They are the ones who are willing to direct traffic on the parking lot in the rain or snow, aiding other worshippers who enjoy the convenience of getting under cover as quickly as possible. Not inhibited by “SIT-ITUS,” they sacrificially find time to do everything from singing in the choir to janitor work.

Soon the King of Glory will appear, and I can imagine hearing Him say to all those untiring workers, “Sit down on this throne with me and reign! It’s your turn to rest.”

Are you among the take-it-easy, sleepy-eyed majority, or can you be characterized as an active Christian who is always “fervent in spirit, serving the Lord?” Beware of “SITITUS” – especially in the Church.