Are We Anxious for Heaven?

Philippians 1:21 – “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”

After preaching about Heaven one night, a certain minister put this question to the congregation, “How many want to go to Heaven? If you do, stand right where you are.” Without any hesitation everyone in the auditorium jumped to their feet. The preacher said, “And how many of you want to go right now?” Stunned by the thought of such an immediate departure, they all quickly settled back into their seats. Evidently they were not quite as anxious for Heaven as they thought.

Are not many Christians just like that? They sing the hymn “Jesus May Come Today” with great enthusiasm, but would really prefer that His return were delayed long enough to allow the completion of some cherished plan. They talk about the wonderous and appealing beauty of their “Heavenly Home,” while laboring for the things of this world as though they were going to be here forever. They claim to be eager to meet the Savior face to face, but they tremble at the thought of being ushered into His presence empty-handed, with unfinished business, unconfessed sins, and broken fellowship with other believers.

Do you want to go to Heaven? Today? May we so live that with eagerness we can daily anticipate that moment when the summons will come, and we shall be transported from time to eternity and into the realms of Glory. If we are truly anxious for Heaven, we can with sincerity join the great apostle in saying, “We are‚Ķwilling rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord” (2 Cor.5:8).