Be Clothed with Humility

1 Peter 5:5 – “…and be clothed with humility: for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble.”

If you want to please the devil, begin to admire yourself. If you want to delight the heart of the Lord, put on the garment of humility. Don’t be like the man who said, “I am extremely humble, but I’m proud to say I never brag about it.

An unknown author has discerningly written, “Humility will save you from self-consciousness. It will take away from you the shadow of yourself and the constant sense of your own importance. It will prevent you from seeking to be the object of everyone’s attention, and keep you from talking about your many achievements. Humble people are not always looking for praise, but are content to do their best and leave the results to the Lord.”

A young missionary suffered much reviling and ostracism because of her labors for Christ among the untouchables, the lowest of all castes in India. One day a man in great agony was brought to her. A large thorn had been driven like a nail into his foot, and only a small part of the nail was visible. She had no surgical instruments; but seeing how he was suffering and not wanting to make him wait any longer, she kneeled, clamped her teeth around the protruding thorn, and pulled it out! “How could she place her pure lips upon my dirty foot?” asked the grateful man. The next day he and his wife accepted God’s forgiveness through the Lord Jesus Christ and later became industrious workers in His service. They had seen humility in action. Her forgetfulness of self had demonstrated to them the wondrous grace of God. May God help us to be always clothed in humility.