He Desired to Hear the Word

Acts 13:7 – “Which was with the deputy of the country, Sergius Paulus, a prudent man; who called for Barnabas and Saul, and desired to hear the word of God.”

A prudent man who lives with eternity’s values in view will “desire to hear the word of God.” He will study it and put the spade of meditation into its most practical and helpful passages, digging deeply until his heart is warmed and changed by its precepts.

Did you know that half of the books of the Bible can be read in 10 to 45 minutes each, and many of them in less than 20 minutes? It has been proven that the entire Old and New Testaments can be read aloud slowly and with expression in less than 71 hours. I heard of one dear lady who had covered all 66 books of the Bible 143 times! At the age of 85 she was still meditating on its precepts, going through the Scriptures at least four times a year. Have you every thoughtfully read the Word of God from cover to cover even once?

A woman who had bought a sewing machine went back to the salesman with numerous complaints. He apologized to her because he had failed to give her a book of instructions when she purchased the item. Later when he phoned to inquire how the machine was working, she replied, “Fine! Instead of bungling along by myself, I started going by the book, and everything has progressed smoothly ever since.”

Many Christians seem to be having trouble with their lives for the same reason that this lady had difficulty with her sewing machine – she was not going by the book!

If the Bible is God’s message to mankind – and it is – a prudent person will read its words, heed its words, believe its promises and direct his life by it.