The Untarnishable Image

Colossians 1:15 -“[Christ] is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature:”

Large companies today spend millions of dollars to develop and maintain a favorable image. When their names are mentioned, they want John Q. Public to have good thoughts about their integrity, the quality of their products, and their social concern. It’s a problem, however, to keep the corporate images from “tarnishing.”

According to the Associated Press: “The past few years have been very hard on many businesses. Auto companies sold the world on the notion that cars lead to a better life. But buyers aren’t so sure anymore since cars have become associated with death, pollution, and congestion. The airlines have promoted a picture of sleekness and trouble-free comfort. But that representation is now passé. A more realistic appraisal shows it to be one beset by faltering profits, charges of environmental contamination, and bizarre hijackings.” Yes, corporate as well as personal images “tarnish” quickly and easily.

There is One, however, who will never lose His glory. He is the Lord Jesus Christ, “the image of the invisible God.” When we speak of Him in this way, we have much more in mind than arousing a mental picture or an emotional reaction to the sound of His name. Instead, we have reference to His real nature. HE IS GOD. Coming into this world, He was “the visible expression of the invisible God”.

How thankful we should be that even though the things of this world quickly lose their luster and our confidence in men and institutions is frequently shaken, we can place our full trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. There’s never any disappointments in Him!