Renew Your Commitment

1 Kings 11:9 – “And the LORD was angry with Solomon, because his heart was turned from the LORD God of Israel….”

Some wild ducks were taking their annual northwest journey when suddenly a flock of tame ones came into view in a barnyard far below. Leaving his winged friends in flight, one of the migrants landed and mingled for a short time with those on the ground. After eating some of their corn, he flew away. Soon he returned, however, this time remaining somewhat longer. The safety of the farm and the plentiful supply of food were so appealing that he lived among the domestic fowl all summer. When autumn came, he heard the cries of his former companions as they headed southward. He had a strong desire to join them, but his added weight from eating so much kept him from flying very far. So he settled down and stayed all winter.

In the spring he again heard the familiar call of the migrating flock. His eyes gleamed, and he began to flap his wings but made no real effort to fly. That fall the sound of the flying ducks only caused him to raise his head, and from then he paid no attention at all.

This parable contains an important lesson for the child of God. He or she too can be lured into complacency by losing their high ideals. King Solomon is an example of one who began with a sincere desire to be a wise and righteous ruler, but he compromised his principles by marrying heathen women. Finally he drifted so far from his noble aspirations of earlier years that his reign ended in failure.

Dear Christian, submit yourself fully to the Lord, renew your commitment daily, and be true to His high purpose for your life. Think of the parable of the wild duck when you are tempted to hobnob with the wrong crowd!