God’s Crowning Creation

Genesis 1:31 – “And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.”

Made in the image of God, man at the dawn of history was given dominion over the earth and every living thing. Endowed with a reasoning philosophical mind and a unique eternal spirit, he was unlike any beast, for he was not only “self” conscious but also keenly aware of the Supreme Being who had formed him.

His body too is a masterpiece of exquisite design. Beautifully “engineered,” it is governed by several hundred systems of control – each interacting with and affecting the other. His brain has 10 billion nerve cells to record what he sees and hears. His skin has more than 2 million tiny sweat glands – about 3,000 per square inch – all part of the intricate system which keeps his body at an even temperature. A “pump” in his chest makes his blood travel 168 million miles a day – the equivalent of 6,720 times around the world!

The lining of his stomach contains 35 million glands secreting juices which aid the process of digestion. And these are but a few of the involved processes and chemical wonders which operate to sustain his life.

A young student had been impressed with the fact that most new products have some “bugs” that must be ironed out before they can operate efficiently. As he stood gazing at a chart showing the organs, nerves, arteries, and glands in the human body, he suddenly exclaimed, “Just think, the first time God put it together it worked.

The all wise Creator of man declared that the complex being He had formed was “very good.” As His crowning creation let us offer Him our reverence and worship.