Excuses! Excuses!

Luke 14:18 – “And they all with one consent began to make excuse.”

I found the following item in a local Church bulletin. I thought the message was great and worth sharing with you.
When a person says he/she can’t keep awake during a 30 minute sermon, but stays at home for 3 hours watching a football game or watching a cooking show – who are they kidding?

When they plead that Sunday is their only day of rest, and yet they get up at 4:30 am to go golfing or fishing – who are they kidding?

When a sports fan declares that the Church seats are too hard and uncomfortable, but will sit for hours on a bleacher in a drizzling rain to watch 22 men push one another back and forth across a muddy lot – who are they kidding?

When a penny pincher claims he/she can’t afford to give much to the Lord’s work, yet they live in a very comfortable home, drive an expensive car, eat well, clothe their family in the latest styles, and on occasion even make an extra payment on their house – who are they kidding?

When a person says he/she has no time for Christian activities, but spend hours at the mall, bowling, watching TV, playing cards, and having social evenings out with their friends – who are they kidding? SURELY NOT GOD!

You may seek to excuse yourself now for failing to grasp life’s fleeting opportunities for spiritual blessing and service, but do you think your alibis will have the ring of truth when you must give an account of yourself under the searching eye of the Lord? Change your way of living and avoid the sin of making hypocritical excuses.