Blessed are the Meek

Matthew 5:5 – “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.”

It would be hard for us to imagine a prouder generation or society than the one in which we live. Of course, pride has always been one of man’s greatest problems. The Bible is replete with examples of those whose pride led to their demise. We think our way is better, and many do not hesitate to insist on it. From the cradle, we see the prideful tendency to demand attention.

Man’s reluctance to turn from false religion and tradition to the saving Gospel of Christ is usually a matter of pride. Why are men so committed to their arrogance and self-will? Because they have been deceived into thinking that this is the path to happiness. This is the message of fallen man: “We are happiest when we get our way.” “If we do not promote our agenda, who will?” “Only the strong survive.” “Believe in yourself.” “If we expect to get what is coming to us, we have to see to it ourselves.”

This kind of humanistic propaganda has contaminated the minds of multiplied millions. Will they find peace and happiness in such pursuits? According to the Bible, there is no blessing to be found with such reasoning. We know this is a far cry from what Jesus taught. According to our great and all-wise God, THE BLESSED MAN is the man that is “meek.” The person who is willing to surrender his rights and wait on God and His will is THE BLESSED MAN. It is not a blessing to be self-sufficient and self-centered. Such thinking is cursed. God wants us to humble ourselves before Him and trust Him to work in us and through us for His glory.

How then will we get what is supposed to come to us? We trust God to bring it to pass. That does not mean we are passive and lazy. To the contrary, we are to be diligent and resourceful, not prideful and ego-driven. We are motivated by the glory of God and the promise of His blessing. Our text tells us that “the meek . . .shall inherit the earth.” God rewards those who rely upon Him. It has been said that, “Good things come to those who leave the choices with God.” It is not a blessing to be selfish and demanding. Peace is the fruit of a resting heart.