The Two-Word Tract

Proverbs 11:18 – “…to him that soweth righteousness shall be a sure reward”

A Christian traveling on an ocean liner offered a Gospel tract to a passenger. The man accepted the literature with a scowl and then with a flourish tore it into tiny pieces, cradled the fragments in his hand for a moment, and finally tossed them overboard. The Christian went away with a heavy heart, while the unbeliever headed for the ship’s bar. As he lifted a drink to his lips, however, he noticed a small piece of paper adhering to his coat lapel. Quickly plucking it off, he inspected it and discovered it was a tiny scrap of the discarded tract. Only one word appeared – “God.” As he turned it over, he was startled to read on the other side – “eternity”. The Holy Spirit winged the arrows of conviction into his soul.

Raymond L. Cox, who tells the story, says that the man tried gambling, dancing, and conversation; but wherever he went, those two solemn words haunted him. To his troubled mind they seemed etched in letters of light! Finally in desperation, seeking relief from his agony of conviction, he looked up the tract distributor. The “sower of righteousness” was delighted to open the Scriptures to this seeking soul, and some time later joyously led him into a redemptive relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

I know a lady who for years has stood each Saturday night before a drugstore handing out gospel literature, apparently with little result. Yet she has made a deep impression on that neighborhood. They know she is not ashamed of Jesus!

To all who thus faithfully witness, the promise is sure: he that “soweth righteousness” shall inherit a “sure reward.”