Be a Good Soldier

2 Timothy 2:3 – “Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.”

A soldier’s life is one of discipline. There is difficult basic training with long marches, physical strain and much weariness; but a “good soldier” endures it, never letting it affect his morale or deportment. The Christian is a soldier of the Lord and must “endure hardness” if he or she is to “keep on the firing line” for Jesus Christ and carry valiantly the Lord’s banner into the hostile territory of Satan.

Someone has given the following characteristics concerning soldiers:

They must surrender their own will to a higher authority.
They must always strictly obey their marching orders.
They often must leave their friends behind them.
They draw attention to the cause they represent as they march along.
They expect to meet difficult circumstances.
They receive rewards for valor.

The spiritual application of all six is self-evident for the Christian.

Many in the Lord’s army patiently go on doing their duty with only God knowing the heroic quality of their work. Such faithful ones will someday march down Hallelujah Avenue as “More than Conquerors” to receive their starry crowns of reward for enduring hardness unflinchingly.

Are you a good soldier of Jesus Christ, or does every spiritual emergency leave you defeated? It’s not too late to change and become A GOOD SOLDIER FOR THE LORD.